eResearch infrastructure for sports science motor activity research data - motor research data

The DFG-funded project "MO|RE data" is building a generally accessible eResearch infrastructure for sports science motor activity research data. The focus is on data from selected standardized test items with a high degree of dissemination. Furthermore, MO|RE data generates high-quality normative data and publishes accompanying materials for sport motor tests. The innovative allocation of DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) for the data sets stored in MO|RE data enables referencing for publications and research work.

MO|RE data database


Manual for research data management

Members of the DFG MO|REdata have published a manual on research data management in sports science. It deals with questions such as: What kind of research data is generated in sports science? How should research data be archived? How can research data be made citable?
You can download the manual here for free.

Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board

In a two-hour digital meeting, the advisory board was informed about the current activities of the project. In addition, the future of MO|RE data was discussed together.
A small preview of the next meeting: Possibly, this can take place in presence, after purely digital meetings so far.


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