Scope of membership

The membership in the walk-in corresponds to the total offer of the walk-in and includes a strengthening and endurance training on the most modern fitness equipment, the participation in an extensive range of courses (spinal gymnastics, aerobics, etc.), as well as the use of the swimming pool and sauna during the respective opening hours. The initial diagnostics or trainer lesson at the beginning of a membership is obligatory.

Strength and endurance training
Extensive range of courses
Schwimmbad Sportinstitut
Use of swimming pool
Sauna Sportinstitut
Use of sauna

Entry diagnostics & appointment allocation

The initial diagnostic examination serves to identify risk factors and to determine weaknesses in the motor skills areas of strength, endurance, mobility, and coordination. The aim is to create an individual training plan - adapted to the wishes and goals of the client - which should compensate the identified deficits in the long term.

The diagnostic examinations can also be booked individually outside the starting package. All our offers are exclusively for KIT employees and KIT students. Prices are available on request.

Appointment arrangement:
Just call us at 0721/608-48077 to make an appointment for the mandatory introductory lesson. Of course you are also welcome to visit us in person (Hochschulsport, building 40.44).

Payment only via EC card at walk-in reception.

  • The handling of the registration formalities including membership card
  • Anamnesis, answering some questions to exclude risk factors, acute diseases, former injuries, etc.
  • Extensive diagnostic introductory examination consisting of:
    - Pulmonary function test
    - Body Fat Analysis (BIA)
    - Blood pressure measurement
    - Fitness - basic test (endurance, strength, mobility and coordination)
    - Measurement of the trunk musculature to determine muscular imbalances (Back - Check)
  • Preparation of a test report based on the results of the initial diagnostics
    individual training plan
  • Introduction to the equipment training
  • Development of an individual stretching program
  • If required, special coordination exercises/proprioceptive training (e.g. with Posturomed)
  • Total duration: approx. 2 hours
contract typeStudentsKIT Employees
3-month contract90 €105 €
6-month contract150 €175 €
12-month contract250 €300 €

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