The WALK-IN offers a varied and motivating course programme. If you like to move to music with nice people or if you want to relax body and soul, then our course offer is just right for you. In our course programme we differentiate between basic and special courses. The special card includes all basic and special courses, the basic card only includes all basic courses. You will find information on individual courses in the course descriptions.

Our outdoor courses can now be booked.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Outdoor courses


In addition to all basic courses, the specials offer also includes the courses Aqua-Fit, Muscle Power, Zumba, Aqua-Cycling Thai-Bo, Bodystyling, Latino-, Dance- and Step-Aerobics, Spine Gymnastics, Belly-Leg-Po, Belly Intensive and Yoga.

Fitness Basic

The basics offer with aerobics, stretching, strengthening and running. Every day a different trainer, a different program, nice people, music, exercise and above all a lot of fun.

Course fee



From 14.10. / 14.04. From 14.12. / 14.06. From 14.02. / 14.08.



40 € 30 € 20 €


(also entitled to attend the Fitness-Basic courses)

80 € 60 € 40 €