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Dr. Gunther Kurz


Head of Teaching

Tel: +49 721 608 - 42607

Gunther KurzXtx5∂kit edu

Partnerhochschule des Spitzensports
Partnerhochschule des Spitzensports

Current Students

The aim of teaching at KIT is to qualify young people on the basis of intensive scientific and research-oriented education and the interdisciplinary acquisition of skills.

The study of sports science in Karlsruhe is based on the mission statement of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Training at Institute of Sports and Sports Science follows an application- and research-oriented approach that conveys in-depth specialist knowledge, comprehensive methodological skills and important qualifications for the future fields of activity of the graduates. 

Numerous events provide students with the opportunity to gain insights into the state of research and in questions of specific areas of research. They are actively involved in interdisciplinary research projects at an early stage so that they can independently apply their generated knowledge as well as learned techniques and ensure research-oriented training.

Therefore, different skills of the students should be developed and promoted. The content, structure and extent of these skills are adapted to the different courses of study and to the respective areas of activity and action.

The key features of the training are:

  • Students learn the basics of current research topics, processes and results
  • Students learn techniques and skills to solve research problems
  • Students participate in the research discussion and apply learned knowledge and techniques
  • Students work independently on (own) research projects