What is orienteering?

Beispielhafter Kartenausschnitt
Läufer mit Posten

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is all about getting to some special check points ("Posten") in correct order and as short as possible. These check points are registered in a special orienteering map and it is the challenge for the competitors to find the fastest way to get to the next control point using only the information provided by the map and a compass. The map provides information such as vegetation, trails, the contour, but also prominent trees or rocks. The evidence is usually given by an electronical system ("SportIdent"), but for training purposes, we only have pincers.

What do we do?

We always meet for training on Tuesdays, 18:30 (well, 18:45 ready to go) usually in the foyer of the IfSS.

During the winter period, it is usually quite dark, so we have to run in the dark. We usually still do map trainings then, but mostly on the university ground, mostly.

In the summer period (that is, between the clock changes), we more often have trainings on some other maps like Günther-Klotz-Anlage, Blankenloch or Oberwald.

Who can join?

The university sports group is open for students and employees of the following institutes:

There is a chance to compete on academic masters for students and employees of the following institutions:

We always enjoy to see new faces joining our group, both experienced competitors and also newcomers. Just come arround!