Corporate Health Management

In addition to good and safe working conditions, successful, attractive companies require healthy, motivated and competent employees. Corporate Health Management (CHM) is intended to help companies and public institutions to establish working conditions that promote identity and health in order to strengthen the performance and motivation of their employees and thus enhance the efficiency of their business. CHM, therefore, affects the operational conditions as well as the employees themselves.

Karlsruher EntspannungsTraining (ket)

The Karlsruher EntspannungsTraining (ket) works scientifically on the topics of 'body formation, stress management and relaxation'. Under the quality label 'SeKA' - this means 'Self-instructive Body Mindfulness Programmes' - practical short programmes suitable for everyday use are developed for various age groups and target groups. The implementation in different settings is scientifically accompanied and evaluated. Find out more about ket here.

Congress Kinder bewegen

Movement is a central component of a healthy physical and mental development. The aim of our congress is the overall support of the health of children and adolescents. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 60 minutes of physical activity per day. However, about three quarters of the children and adolescents do not reach this minimum (KIGGS study, 2014). In addition to the six main lectures, over 200 workshops and seminars by well-known speakers will be offered on the three days of congress. Find out more about the congress here.

Nina Haeming

Performance diagnostics

At the top level in sports, performance diagnostic tests form an integral part of determining performance. Even amongst ambitious recreational athletes and in health-oriented endurance training, this type of training monitoring and control is used more and more. The performance diagnostic department of the Institute of Sports and Sports Science offers targeted investigations on the basis of the latest scientific standards with the use of state-of-the-art measuring equipment.

UPdate training academy

UPdate is a training academy based at the Institute of Sports and Sports Science at Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. In the market, momentum surrounding sports, health, and nutrition has increased enormously. The academy was set up to organ‪ize and conduct advanced training in fitness and health, prevention and rehabilitation, and lifestyle. A broad network consisting of many competent partners and speakers was set up to ensure graduates are fully qualified.