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Melissa Rösch

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How to organize my courses as an ERAMUS student at the KIT Department of Sports and Sports Science? (Incoming)

Step 1:
Contact the KIT International Students Office (IStO). The colleagues at the IStO will assist you in organizing the practical details of your ERASMUS term.


Step 2:
Contact the ERASMUS departmental coordinator, see contact person above. The departmental coordinator will assist you in choosing courses, inform about grades, exams, ECTS credits, and whereabouts. Check first further information concerning the bachelor studies at the Department of Sports and Sports Science.


Step 3:
Contact the ERASMUS advisors in charge of your major to sign the Learning Agreement for your term of study at KIT.

  • All questions concerning the ERAMUS program (organizational): Contact International Students Office.

  • All questions concerning your courses at the KIT Department of Sports and Sports Science: Contact ERASMUS departmental coordinator.