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Statutory Accident Insurance Protection of University Sports Participants


The information below refers to statutory accident insurance protection of properly registered university sports participants (cf. participation conditions and registration procedure):


Statutory accident insurance protection is granted for all official university sports events. These events include:

  • All sports courses (with instructor) listed in the semester program,
  • special internal and external university sports events (e.g. training courses, seminars, excursions, other official course units),
  • internal and external competitive sports events (for enrolled students only!*), if they are registered by the University Sports Group and joined by teams of the University Sports Group,
  • as well as the associated trips (including foreign countries, selection of the transport means is free).


* Students, who have de-registered already, are no longer covered by an additional accident insurance via the Studentenwerk when participating in adh events (events of the German University Sports Federation) (possible up to one year upon successful graduation), because they do no longer study at the respective university.

For this case, adh has NOT adopted any special regulation and does not offer any possibility of a special additional accident insurance protection during competitions.


No insurance cover for:

  • Participation in events of other universities (except for joint events of several universities, such as competitive sports events and training courses).
  • Sports activities on the university premises without any organizational integration into the official university sports program or without any contractually bound instructors.
  • Participation in competitive sports events without registration via the University Sports Group.
  • Private stops on the way towards the university sports activity or back home (e.g. shopping, regulars tables) and detours for private reasons.


The following costs will be covered by the accident insurance:

  • Treatment at the doctor’s, at the hospital, or at the rehabilitation clinic, including the necessary driving and transport costs.
  • Medicines, dressings, remedies as well as therapies.
  • Care at home and at care centers.
  • Social and professional rehabilitation (e.g. retraining, housing).
  • In addition, e.g. payment of an injury grant in case of loss of earnings, pension to insured persons in case of lasting damage to health, survivor’s pension.


The following regulations apply to employees and students:

  • Employees are insured according to the principles of company sports only. This means that sports activity has to be suited for compensating physical stress resulting from the job or occupation. It has to take place with a certain regularity and to compensate the stress resulting from work. Events of competitive character shall be excluded. For civil servants (Beamte), an accident during participation in university sports is not considered a work accident. When reporting the accident, employees have to observe the valid regulations of their institution.
  • Enrolled students are covered by an accident insurance when participating in university sports. The accident insurance company is Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg . Treatment has to be made by D-Ärzte (Durchgangs-Ärzte, accident insurance doctors). The emergency rooms of all Karlsruhe hospitals have the corresponding insurance doctor’s license. The attending physician, dentists included, has to be informed about the fact that the accident happened in connection with a university sports activity.
  • Students have to report accidents in university sports immediately to the responsible offices of their institutions. KIT students are to report university sports accidents immediately to the University Sports Office using an accident report form. In addition, KIT students have to report an accident to the Studierendenwerk (Ms. Prasse-Neppl, 0721/ 6909-119, Petra.Prasse-Neppl∂sw-ka.de), as the Studierendenwerk is responsible for reporting the accident to the accident insurance agency.  


Participants of free sports groups without any instructor are not covered by an accident insurance. In case of an accident, the health insurance company will usually bear the treatment costs. Other accident insurance benefits (e.g. payment of pensions in case of disability or death), however, will not be granted.