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Alexander Woll
Prof. Dr. Alexander Woll

Stellvertretende Verbundsleitung

Prof. Dr. Annette Worth

in Cooperation with:

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Robert Koch Institut

The Motorik-Modul

Physical fitness and physical activity as determinants of health development in children and adolescents

The health status of German children and adolescents had not been sufficiently studied by the end oft he twentieth century. To remedy this situation, the nationwide German health Interview and Exmanination Survey for Children and Adolescents (KiGGS; www.kiggs.de) was conducted by the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI, Berlin). The KiGGS Baseline Study included a core survey and five modular in-depth studies conducted with corresponding KiGGS subsamples. One of those modular studies, the Motorik-Modul (MoMo) Baseline Study, was conducted by the University of Karlsruhe and provided nationwide representative data on the physical fitness and physical activity status of German children and adolescents. Results of the MoMo Baseline Study have been published in several consecutive research papers.


The MoMo Baseline Study continued longitudinally in 2009 as a joint project of the University of Konstanz, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and the University of Education Karlsruhe, in parallel with the longitudinal continuation of the KiGGS Baseline Study.

The primary goal of the MoMo Longitudinal Study is to contribute to long-term improvement in the health of German children and adolescents; it was set up to address the following research topics:

  1. The development of physical fitness and physical activity (including period effects).
  2. The individual and physical/social environmen- tal determinants of the development of physical fitness and physical activity.
  3. The impact of physical fitness and physical activity on the development of physical and mental health.


Further details of the study see here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23847291